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DTR Bouquinerie est une bouquinerie située en Seine Maritime près de Rouen. (76520 Quévreville la Poterie)


M4 Sherman - George Forty. Livre de 1987, édité par Blandford Press, écrit en anglais, collection Weapons and Warfare, 160 pages. The M4 Sherman must rank as the most widely used tank in the Western world, a staggering 49,234 Sherman gun tanks having been  built. It first saw action during the difficult days of 1942, when its appearance on the battle-fields of North Africa had a considerable effect upon Allied fortunes. From then on it played a significant part in operations all over the world. It was used by the British, the Russians, the French and the Brazilians, as well as the Americans in all theatres. Postwar, it continued to be used in significant numbers by many nations ; for example, when the Italian Army was reorganized, the Sherman was supplied to them in large quantities. It saw action again in the Korean War and with the Israelis in their long drawn out struggle against the Arab nations. It was still fighting effectively in the Six Day War of 1967 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973, so its battle history spans a staggering four decades. Its chassis was adapted to a vast number of other uses - self-propelled guns, tank destroyers, engineer vehicles and many, many others. Retrofitted Shermans are still in service in south America, Pakistan and Yugoslavia as well as Israel. The book contains some 200 illustrations, including many new in action shots, and a unique collection of technical photographs that will be a treasure trove to the modeller and true tank enthusiast. Sommaire : 1) Background history, 2) The medium tank M3, 3) The medium tank M4, 4)  Combat, 5) Wartime improvements in firepower, protection and mobility, 6) Sherman variants, 7) Postwar service. Format 19,5 x 26 cm. Livre et jaquette en état correct.

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Livre visible au magasin DTR, bouquinerie en Normandie / Seine Maritime, située à Quévreville la poterie (76520)

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